Unit for Green-Powered Telecommunications

February 25, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] First National Power Corporation (FNPR) has appointed Walter L. Paterson as Project Manager for Green Oasis (GO) Project and Chris Baumgartner of SatCom Communication to Develop the Telecom Communications Module for the GO Program Telephony Unit. SatCom Communications has been chosen as the preferred provider of all Green Oasis units. The Green Oasis integrates a multi technology platform, which will deliver a turnkey power, clean water, and telecom communications infrastructure in a single portable unit. SatCom Distribution specializes in satellite communications and provides solutions to communications issues. According to FNPR, with so many areas in the world suffering from poor telecommunications infrastructure and only limited cellular coverage, the Green Oasis will fill a visible need for a reliable means of keeping in touch, not just by voice, but also fax and email through FNPR technology supplied by SatCom.


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