UK Rallies Green Building

The UK’s Energy Minister Brian Wilson urged all sectors of the construction and building industry to work together to meet the 21stcentury challenge of building a green Britain.

London England – April 10, 2003 [] The UK’s Energy Minister Brian Wilson urged all sectors of the construction and building industry to work together to meet the 21st century challenge of building a green Britain. Greater energy efficiency and Renewable Energy must be key features of all future developments and construction, Wilson told a major industry figures at the 2003 Building Awards held recently in London. He said the government will lead by example in the public sector, but that it was everyone’s responsibility to play a part in the process of accelerated change, in keeping with policy set out in the recently published Energy White Paper. “The shift to far greater energy efficiency is also an ideal opportunity to intensify the efforts already being made to improve the productivity of the construction industry,” Wilson said. “We will bring forward to 2005 the next revision of the Building Regulations to raise standards for energy efficiency in new buildings and refurbishments.” “Crucially, we will set an example by improving energy efficiency in public buildings and procurement,” Wilson said. “We have also announced further measures to support the use of Combined Heat and Power. Achieving these bigger and faster changes will require the concerted effort of all parts of the industry.” This includes customers (particularly in industry, business and the public sector), architects and designers, the construction industry, manufacturers and suppliers, professional bodies, energy companies, as well as government itself. The Better Buildings Summit, a new cross-government summit to spearhead the initiative will assist the process and bring together all the key players. The summit would most likely be held in June according to Wilson. “The aim of the summit is to give industry and clients the firm message that better, sustainable buildings – especially in relation to energy efficiency (and into the future, Renewable Energy) is not an option; it is something that must be done through corporate social responsibility “pull” and/or regulatory “push”,” Wilson said. “Overlaying this is the message that Government is seeking a partnership in the way we “de-carbonize” our building stock, involving all of the players in delivering greener, better buildings faster.”
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