UK Energy Companies to Advance Storage for Wind Power Integration

A collaborative initiative from London-based Carbon Trust will bring together a group of energy companies to investigate use cases for energy storage that will help cut costs associated with integrating wind energy into the UK power grid.

The Energy Systems Innovation Platform (ESIP) will bring together Centrica, DONG Energy, SSE, Scottish Power, Statoil and Wood Group, which represent about 50 percent of the electricity supply market in the UK. ESIP also will receive support from the Scottish Government and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

“ESIP’s focus on developing viable business models for storage use cases aligned with system benefits is a vital piece of the puzzle which has not been looked at yet,” Nils Lehmann, ESIP project manager at the Carbon Trust, said in a June 13 statement. “ESIP works in an evidence-based way to address market failures while simultaneously identifying commercial opportunities for industry. This can help to overcome the “chicken and egg” dilemma between market creation and industry deployment that often limits the uptake of promising new solutions.

Carbon Trust said that the initiative will examine business models, regulatory barriers and feasible solutions, and ESIP plans to publish key results at the end of the year. 

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