UK Electricity Markets Regulator Takes Big Step in Recognizing Value of Energy Storage

U.K. renewable energy company Anesco this week said that its solar+storage projects are the first sites in the U.K. to qualify for support paid to accredited renewable energy generators for electricity generation supplied to batteries.

The decision from the UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) falls under the Renewables Obligation scheme that allocates renewable obligation certificates to qualified entities.

According to Anesco, three 5-MW solar projects with 1.1-MWh batteries now are approved under the scheme.

Luke Hargreaves, head of renewables at Ofgem said in a Sept. 13 statement that batteries can assist with system balancing and save consumers money by matching supply and demand.

“Last month, Ofgem published its join plan with the government on smart systems and flexibility, covering storage,” Hargreaves said. “We plan to publish guidance on the arrangements for storage under the renewable obligation and feed-in tariff schemes later this year and will be seeking stakeholder feedback.”

He added that the decisions for the Anesco sites demonstrates that, where necessary criteria are met, co-location of storage facilities is possible under the current legislative framework.

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