U.S. Navy to Pay For Advanced Research into Fuel Cells

The Naval Surface Warfare Center wants to fund research projects in bio-electro-catalytic fuel cell technologies and the applications in electric power or propulsion systems.

DAHLGREN, Virginia, US, 2002-01-08 [SolarAccess.com] The goal is to produce a clean fuel cell power source that uses advances in bio-catalysis and biotechnology. Proposed technologies should provide a non-toxic, high power density power source using hydrogen or peroxide (but not limited to just two) that is capable of providing power to systems needing long-term endurance or long operational time periods. The fuel cell technology may be directed to a variety of unspecified applications and environments. Research may include enzyme catalyzed reactions for power generation, enzyme catalysts in fuel cell systems, electrodes with immobilized enzymes, and synthetic biocatalysts and polymers. The research is designed to expand current fuel cell technology, with a potential for high payoff from high-risk ventures. Awards will provide for a feasibility study within 12 months, with an option for a prototype.
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