U.S. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Companies Team Up

Millennium Cell, a technology development company that has created a proprietary process to safely store, generate and deliver pure hydrogen, and Massachusetts-based Protonex Technology Corporation, a developer of fuel cell power solutions for portable and remote applications, have signed a joint development and licensing agreement.

Eatontown, New Jersey – February 20, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] “Together, our two companies will integrate the Millennium Cell Hydrogen on Demand system and Protonex Technology Corporation’s proprietary fuel cell power technology to bring to market a clean, safe, durable system for portable power,” said Adam Briggs, Millennium Cell Vice President Product Management. Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen On Demand system provides a disposable or recyclable source of pure hydrogen that can be used with fuel cells of all sizes (from micro fuel cells that power cell phones to primary propulsion fuel cells for transportation applications) or fed to internal combustion engines. When used with a fuel cell, the only emission is water vapor. The system generates hydrogen from sodium borohydride, which is derived from sodium borate, commonly known as borax. Dissolved in water and passed through a proprietary catalyst chamber, the sodium borohydride releases a perfect stream of pure hydrogen (on demand) to power a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine. The fuel’s byproduct is water and borax. Hydrogen on Demand systems are scalable to applications from small (personal computers, cellular phones and personal digital assistants) to medium (auxiliary power units for standby power to boats, scooters) to large (automobiles). “The partnership between Protonex and Millennium Cell brings together complementary technologies to create an innovative portable power solution for the market,” said Greg Cipriano, Vice President of Business Development for Protonex. “Our joint development effort leverages Protonex’s military programs and paves the way for a wide range of commercial applications.” Protonex claims that their portable fuel cell systems are compact, lightweight and durable, providing customers with an alternative to heavier, short-term power sources such as batteries and generators. Protonex has developed a strong base of proprietary fuel cell technology and has multiple patents pending. Originally developed for the military, Protonex is accelerating market growth by adapting their product line to accommodate industrial, commercial and government applications. Their power range is 10 to 1000 watts.
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