U.S. Farmers Want More Emphasis on Renewables

Farmers in the United States want more initiatives for renewable energy fuels and conservation, according to the National Farmers Union at a special meeting in Washington.

WASHINGTON, DC, US, 2001-09-20 [SolarAccess.com] Farmers from across the country are in the capital this week in a grassroots effort to shift policymakers’ focus to issues important to family farmers, ranchers and rural America. The 260 members of the NFU from 25 states are meeting with legislators to discuss the farm bill now before Congress. “We are in the nation’s capital to share our long-term solutions for American agriculture,” says pPresident Leland Swenson. “Today’s budget challenges remind us, now more than ever, that we need a new plan for agriculture that is both fiscally responsible and comprehensive.” The farmers are asking for policies that depart from the failed ‘Freedom to Farm’ law and allow producers to receive more income from the market, rather than from the government payments that characterize current farm law. The farm bill proposed by NFU strengthens market prices and enables producers to get more of their income from the market by increasing loan rate levels to better match farmers’ production costs and establishing a limited farmer-owned reserve. It also addresses market concentration, conservation and renewable fuel initiatives. “Our farm plan will increase farm income while decreasing dependence on the government,” adds Robert Carlson, president of North Dakota Farmers Union. “Farmers Union members are here to create a farm bill that works for farmers and ranchers and the consumers of America’s food and fiber.”


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