U.S. Energy Group Wants Incentives for New Technology

A major energy association in the United States wants “meaningful incentives” for massive investments in new energy supplies, conservation, infrastructure and technology.

WASHINGTON, DC, US, 2001-05-23 <SolarAccess.com> The National Energy Marketers Association says the National Energy Policy recently released by the federal Republican administration and the response from opposition Democratic politicians agree on the need for comprehensive electricity legislation to increase both conservation and new energy supplies without sacrificing environmental protection. “Both plans recognize that new investments are required immediately, but both plans lack sufficient incentives to permit energy prices to come down,” says NEM president Craig Goodman. “There is no question that comprehensive energy legislation is needed immediately.” The association has long advocated changes to federal tax measures to expand the eligibility for ‘qualified energy restructuring investments’ for new supplies, conservation, infrastructure, advanced metering and distributed generation technologies. Accelerated cost recoveries for new investments in conservation and environmental protection could solve the energy supply problem quickly and is one of the lowest cost, highest yield policy solutions, he explains. “New energy supplies, conservation and advanced technology will lower costs to all consumers and should be considered a moral imperative,” he adds. Demands for price controls, penalties and subsidies for uneconomic technologies “will divert capital and rob consumers of needed supplies, conservation and vital infrastructure investments at precisely the time they are sorely needed,” warns Goodman. “Targeted, time-sensitive, performance based rates for infrastructure upgrades, congestion management, and streamlined interconnection procedures could relieve shortages and price spikes quickly.” “New federal laws are needed immediately to ensure meaningful price competition for the smallest retail consumer,” concludes Goodman. “Only then will consumers benefit from lower energy costs, greater efficiency and the country will enhance its competitive advantage in the global digital economy.” NEM is a national non-profit association that represents marketers of energy and energy-related products in the United States.

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