U.S. Company To Buy VAWT Design and Redox Battery

The U.S. company McKenzie Bay International Ltd has signed a letter of intent to acquire Dermond Inc. The Canadian firm has been developing isolated grid solutions and vertical axis wind turbines.

BRIGHTON, Michigan, US, 2001-12-31 [SolarAccess.com] Dermond will be the first acquisition under MKB’s new energy strategy, which started with the creation of Stable Power. This purchase will provide a key component in the Michigan company’s goal to work in 3,500 isolated off-grid community utilities around the world, which range in capacity from 200 kW to many megawatts. The Isolated-Grid Energy System is centred on Vanadium Redox Battery storage technology developed in Australia, which uses solar, wind, diesel and flywheel technologies, separately or in combination, to generate and store electricity. VRB technology is being used in parts of Tokyo for grid load leveling. Dermond’s developmental focus has been to improve the design of VAWT technology, and has simplified design in a rugged unit. The Dermond VAWT is expected to be efficient, economical and applicable to harsh environments, and MKB will apply for five patents based on Dermond’s improvements. Dermond was founded five years ago by two engineers in Quebec, Jacquelin Dery and Laurent Mondou. Both men will join the MKB management team under the purchase agreement.
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