Top 5 Hybrid Energy News (Solar- and Wind-Diesel-Hybrid + Microgrids) – November/December 2017

The new edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” leads with several rural electrification initiatives, and an agricultural and a commercial application. It features Vinci Energies, Senelec, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Sunergise, Fiji Electricity Authority, BayWa, Société Générale, Vergnet, Elum Africa, and Bonima. It covers news from Senegal, Fiji, Zambia, Ghana, and Morocco.

Top 1

Vinci Energies wins the contract to build eight solar PV power plants in Senegal

Vinci Energies has been selected to build a series of solar PV plants to supply power to 140,000 people in isolated communities in Senegal. Seven of these plants will have a hybrid (PV-diesel) design, some with battery storage. Vinci’s subsidiary Omexom was awarded the work  by the Société d’Electricité du Sénégal (Senelec). The hybrid plants will have a total combined capacity of 2 MW. 

Top 2

Fiji and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation partner to develop innovative renewable energy solution for rural communities

In collaboration with Sunergise, the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network (FLMMA) and the Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA), the new Fiji Rural Electrification Fund, will bring solar power to communities with no electricity or that rely on pollution-emitting diesel generators.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) will provide a grant as seed funding to electrify the villages of Vio and Nacula. LDF will then help mobilize funding for additional communities. The revenues from the electricity sales shall be used to finance further communities.

Top 3

BayWa builds solar-plus-storage system for irrigation in Zambia

86 kWp of solar are installed in an east-west orientation and power the irrigation of a 90,000 square-meter grain field. Excess energy is stored in a 160-kWh battery energy storage system. BayWa r.e. was responsible for the planning, financing, installation and turn-key handover of the plant. The plant provides power to the German and Zambian agriculture ministries’ joint Agricultural Knowledge & Training Centre, which uses the power to irrigate crops.

Top 4

Société Générale Ghana will increase electricity autonomy and decrease diesel consumption with the help of Vergnet

At the local headquarters of the bank in Accra, a 272-kWp solar power plant will be added to the existing diesel generators. The new solution also reduces operational risks caused by the unstable grid. The integration has been done with Vergnet’s Hybrid Wizard to maximize share of solar energy.

Marc Rivard, Director of Business Development at Vergnet adds: “There is a strong opportunity for industries in Ghana like mining, agricultural processing, manufacturing and others to benefit from solar hybrid power plants, especially when located off-grid. Industries and businesses which are connected to the grid can also off-set their power consumption via solar power plants and achieve cost savings. The solar hybrid project for Société Générale in Ghana is an example of what can happen when a company decides to take leadership in ensuring that clean energy should be part of their generation mix.”

Top 5

Solar-plus-storage improves electricity costs in Morocco

Elum Africa provides a solar-plus-storage solution for the company Bonima in Tanger. Bonima manufacturers plastic films for medical applications. The new solution is expected reduce electricity cost by 15 percent. 

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