Top 5 Hybrid Energy News (Solar- and Wind-Diesel-Hybrid + Microgrids) – April 2017

The May edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” leads with another large-scale solar-diesel hybrid power plant in the mining industry. It features Aggreko, Nevsun, Facebook, Microsoft, Allotrope Partners, Microgrid Investment Accelerator, Dongfang Electric Corporation, and US Air Force. Our Top 5 covers projects and initiatives in Eritrea, the USA, Angola, and Mauritania.

Top 1
Aggreko and Nevsun agreed on solar-diesel hybrid project with 7.5MWp PV plant
Aggreko and the Canadian mining company Nevsun signed a ten-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for Bisha mine in Eritrea. Electricity will be supplied from a 22 MW fleet of diesel generators and from a new 7.5 MW solar power plant. Chris Weston, Aggreko CEO, said: “Hybrid energy solutions are continuing to be developed and implemented within the mining industry, improving efficiency and bottom lines. Using hybrid solar-diesel power generation for off-grid mining operations offers many positives and as developments in renewable energy technologies continue to advance, hybrid solutions, like the one we will provide in Eritrea, will become more of a reality as the benefits become more apparent.”

Top 2
Facebook, Microsoft and Allotrope Partners launch Microgrid Investment Accelerator
Facebook and Microsoft have joined with investment firm Allotrope Partners to launch a finance facility to catalyze investments in renewable energy mini-grids.
“The increasing affordability of mini-grids is opening new frontiers for providing life changing energy access to the more than 1 billion people who still lack access to any electricity at all in rural areas around the globe. The Microgrid Investment Accelerator seeks to provide catalytic debt and equity directly the project developers bringing affordable and reliable energy access solutions to rural communities in our target geographies,” said Alexia Kelly, CEO of the Microgrid Investment Accelerator.

Top 3
Chinese group supplies hybrid power plants to Angola
Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) will supply seven solar-diesel hybrid power plants to Angola. The contract worth US$241.9 million was authorized by an order from the Angolan President.

Top 4
India assists Mauritania with USD65.68 million for solar-diesel hybrid projects
The Indian government has approved letters of credit worth $65.68 million for solar-diesel hybrid projects in the north African country. The rural electrification projects will help to provide energy access to several villages.


Top 5
US Air Force unveils solar+battery microgrid that could be deployed in less than an hour

The solar panels are placed on top of tents. A trailer at the center of the tent holds inverters, controllers and lithium-ion batteries. The new system developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Advanced Power Technology Office (APTO) is to be deployed in diverse field environments.

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