This Mobile Off-Grid House Is Sparking a Conversation About Solar

We can all agree that the future looks bright and promising in terms of solar + energy storage options for home and business owners alike. But while America waits for the battery of the future, one solar advocate is on a mission to educate others about energy technologies that are ready and available to be put to good use today.

A Solar Powered Tour Across America

Enter the Tiny Solar House, a 210 square-foot off-grid house on wheels, complete with all of the same creature comforts you would find in a travel trailer, RV, or motorhome.

This little house features a living room that doubles as an office, a fully functional kitchen with fridge, double sink, and four-burner stove, a bathroom with shower and compost toilet, and a sleeping loft filled with a queen-size mattress and clothing storage.

Oh, and we can’t leave out the most important part: six 280-watt solar PV panels adorn the roof and generate 100 percent of the electricity needed to keep the house powered, day and night.

The SolarWorld PV panels are connected to a bank of maintenance-free deep cycle AGM batteries as well as a MidNite Solar charge controller and Xantrex inverter. They work together, seamlessly, to keep the system pumping clean energy throughout the night.

With its modern and unique design, the Tiny Solar House gets a lot of attention on the road and when it’s stopped at state and national parks across the U.S. But that’s fine with the owner, because it always gives him an opportunity to talk solar with the fellow travelers he encounters.

Five months into the journey and the Tiny Solar House has visited Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

A tour of the East Coast is planned for this fall, followed by a trek to the West Coast in the winter and then a trip up to the Northwest in spring.

One important thing has remained constant all along this adventure: sunlight. And as long as the sun continues to rise with each new day, the Tiny Solar House will continue to rely on free, unlimited clean energy and spark conversations about solar all across America.

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