Thermal Energy Intl. Enters Polish RE Market

Thermal Energy International Inc. has reported that the company’s recently appointed agent Canada-Poland Business Bridges Corporation (CPBBC) has made substantial progress towards establishing several FLU-ACE(R) Air Pollution Control and Energy Recovery projects in Poland.

Ottawa, Canada – August 16, 2002 [] In recent years, the government of Poland has strengthened its commitment to achieve substantial air pollutant emission reductions over the 2002 to 2010 time frame. In the Air Quality Section 3.3 of the new “Second (II) Environmental Policy Document” adopted by the Government of Poland on June 13th, 2000, the stated air pollution reduction objectives are: Particulate Matter (PM) by 75 percent, Sulfur Dioxides (SO2) by 56 percent, Nitric Oxides (NOX) by 31 percent, and VOC by 4 percent with respect to the 1990 emission levels. Furthermore, the Air Quality policy includes a stated commitment to reduce the emissions of Toxic Substances, including the heavy metals Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium. In addition, on page 62 of the II Environment Policy Document, it is stated “with the coming 10-15 years, Poland is bound to spend an amount of at least €30 billion to adjust to the EU regulations.” “The Polish response to the FLU-ACE(R) solutions offer has been tremendous,” said Aleksander Wolosz, President & CEO of CPBBC. “There is a very high level of serious interest and enthusiasm for implementing the FLU-ACE(R) technology to a wide variety of applications, because the FLU-ACE(R) has been received by Polish authorities as being the most Cost Effective and Economical air pollution control technology. The Polish authorities very much appreciate the unique extra energy savings and self-financing benefits offered by the FLU-ACE(R) integrated solutions.” The Canada-Poland Business Bridges Corporation is dedicated to bringing the “best in class” state of the art technological solutions for the markets in Poland, and other growing Central European countries. With their North American headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, and their European headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, CPBBC is well positioned to effectively accomplish our goals. “The timing is right for capitalizing on the Polish commitment to improve their air quality. We are pleased by the substantial business development progress achieved by our agent CPBBC in a relatively short time.” Said Gustav Pliva, PhD, PMP, European Development Manager of Thermal Energy International Inc.,
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