Navigant Research Webinar: The Digital Future of Asset Performance Management: Debunking Six Dreaded Data Challenges

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Once upon a time, gathering data was a big challenge. It was stored in various locations, systems and silos, while information at an individual asset level might not even be available.  Today, the challenge has shifted: Utility asset managers and performance engineers have an ever-increasing volume of data available as a result of sensors, advanced monitoring and the convergence of operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT).

While most utilities realize the value of capitalizing on this data for advanced asset performance management, many struggle with the seemingly-ominous task of getting started. It’s understandable, since the best outcome requires consolidating, cleansing and validating data, which probably still resides across multiple sources, multiple technologies, and multiple IT systems.

The good news is, leveraging data for improved maintenance and performance in utilities may not be as hard as it appears. More importantly, the benefits far outweigh the challenges and can make measurable improvements in reliability, workforce efficiency and savings.

Navigant Research and FirstEnergy will explore this issue in an upcoming webinar regarding asset performance management (APM), sponsored by ABB. Navigant will share trends in the area of APM while FirstEnergy will share its experience with digitizing its asset performance management and how it was able to overcome some of the most common obstacles that utilities face, including:

  •        Identifying available data sources across widespread operations
  •        Cleansing data to reflect consistent and accurate values
  •        Consolidating IT and OT data sources to a centralized system
  •        Standardizing data nomenclature across sources
  •        Determining fault values and count of fault operations
  •        Mapping data to ensure all relevant data is available for accurate analysis


Access free webinar replay, click here.




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