Tests Qualify Fuel Cell Stack Viability

Fuel cell development company Nuvera Fuel Cells announced what it calls “significant milestones” toward commercial viability during recent qualification tests conducted on a new fuel cell stack designed for passenger vehicles.

The new stack, called Andromeda II, is capable of generating 125 kW of power (168 hp) and is currently available for delivery to qualified customers developing fuel cell vehicles. According to the company, the unit exceeded key product milestones for power density, cold-start capability, system efficiency, durability, and high-volume production cost. According to Giovanni Bruni, Nuvera’s Automotive Platform Leader, the advancements are significant because they address critical challenges to the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. “Andromeda II was engineered with the entire power system in mind,” Bruni said. “By rethinking the stack engineering, we were able to significantly reduce system humidity and pressure, which enables faster cold-start capabilities and lowers parasitic power demand, thus increasing reliability and overall system efficiency.” The announcement follows the recent signing of the US Energy Policy Act of 2005, a vast package of federal energy legislation. According to the Committee on Energy and Congress, the Energy Act will authorize $2.15 billion over the next five years toward the advancement of hydrogen-power automobiles and an infrastructure to provide for the safe delivery of hydrogen fuels.
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