The Stress of DOCSIS 3.1 on Broadband Engineering Personnel

By John Doe, ARVA Testing Solutions

With the CableLabs DOCSIS 3.1 standard technical specs now released, once again, the broadband industry is ahead of its own game. The new standard, whose research started only two years ago, has established new protocol and specifications for an even faster bandwidth capability, and thus, a better user experience.

However, as with all new industry specifications, the vendor community must respond in kind. A key aspect of the release of DOCSIS 3.1 is the after-effects: the need to service homes and connections that are DOCSIS 3.1 capable and deployed. Of a key importance is the ability to test the signal as it enters and exits the home or business. To do this will require a piece of  DOCSIS 3.1 test equipment that can successfully analyze the signal, but also have a functional application interface and GUI so that the user can analyze the results, upload the data to the cloud, send those results to a co-worker, or create a work order. 

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