Tesla’s Model 3 Numbers, $35k Standard Option, Wait Less Than a Month

Between solar roof tiles (Solar Roof), energy storage (Powerwall), and electric vehicles (Model 3), Tesla is making waves in the renewable energy and electric vehicle industries. They’re finally living up to CEO Elon Musk’s promise on its Model 3 by offering the “Standard” version of the vehicle that starts at $35,000—before incentives. It’s a long-time coming for the first new auto manufacturer in the US to meet mass production in decades, but the company is now making the Model 3 at reliable scale, cutting wait times for most models to below two weeks, a far cry from the more than 6 months customers were waiting just last fall.

With incentives—even though Tesla has produced more than 200,000 EVs and buyers no longer qualify for the full $7,500 federal tax credit, they can currently receive a $3,750 federal tax credit through the end of June 2019—dropping the base price to $31,250.

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