Telia Tests Fuel Cells for Telecom Traffic

Telia, a telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic regions, inaugurated the first telecom exchange in Sweden to use fuel cells for backup power.

The purpose of the fuel cell system is to increase the operating reliability of the network and minimize the environmental impact of the backup system when there is a power failure. “We will carefully monitor and evaluate the tests and we expect the fuel cell system to minimize disturbances when there are major power failures or other types of external disturbances. Another important advantage of this technology is the environmental benefits,” said Ove Alm, Network Manager at TeliaSonera Sweden. Fuel cell technology offers other benefits as well. Due to the fact that fuel cells lack moving parts, wear-and-tear and maintenance are minimized, leading to reduced operating and maintenance costs in the long term. The first telecom exchange to be equipped with fuel cell technology now functions as a source of power in the event of a grid failure. When the power supply is interrupted, fuel stored in the cells will provide enough power for up to five days (120 hours) of continuous operation. The fuel cell technology project will be conducted over a two-year period.


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