Teledyne Technologies Ships Its First Pem Fuel Cell Stacks

A U.S. fuel cell company has shipped its first polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stacks.

LOS ANGELES, California – Teledyne Technologies Inc of Los Angeles says its 2 kilowatt unit combines hydrogen from a number of sources with oxygen to produce electricity without combustion. The only other exhaust is pure water. “This is the first step in our commercialization plans of the technology we recently licensed and should help position us in the PEM fuel cell industry,” says Robert Mehrabian, the company’s chairman, president, and CEO. “We have been able to quickly develop PEM based fuel cell stacks by leveraging our experience in electrolysis-based hydrogen generation,” adds general manager Bamdad Bahar. “We are pleased to add fuel cell stacks to our existing line of reliable onsite power generation products.” Earlier this month, Teledyne announced that it will provide a hydrogen gas supply system for SunLine Transit Agency. The Agency operates the country’s first fleet of light- and heavy-duty vehicles that are fuelled 100 percent by clean fuels. The transit group provides public transit, para-transit and regional street-sweeping services in the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley areas of California. The fleet currently is comprised of buses powered by compressed natural gas, but will include fuel cell powered buses. “The Titan HP series is designed for flow rates up to 2,700 standard-liters-per-minute of hydrogen, making it the largest commercial generator Teledyne has designed and manufactured,” said Mehrabian. Teledyne supplied SunLine with a hydrogen generator three years ago in an initial demonstration project, and that generator is still in continuous operation. Teledyne provides sophisticated electronics, communications products and aerospace products in the United States, Britain and Mexico.

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