Sustainable Energy to Offer Inverter for Small Wind Turbines

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. will offer a new inverter to deliver power from small wind turbines to electricity grids through an agreement with Japan’s Zephyr Corporation.

The residential scale wind turbine operates at the same high efficiencies available to solar photovoltaic (PV) applications. Using proprietary technology, the new inverter will also provide backup power during grid outages, and connect hybrid systems incorporating both solar and wind energy. The first product application, developed by Zephyr, is the Airdolphin Mark-Zero, an ultra-quiet lightweight wind turbine that can deliver lower operating costs and higher efficiencies than other small turbines and large megawatt scale turbines. Sustainable Energy has agreed with Zephyr to adapt the company’s Sunergy inverter platform for the Airdolphin turbine. The inverter incorporates recently developed proprietary software that enables it to operate in a grid-interactive mode with very high efficiencies, and to switch to battery-based mode for backup power during grid outages. Under its agreement with Zephyr, the Company has also acquired the right to bundle the Airdolphin with the new inverter product for distribution in Canada.
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