Sustainable Energy Network Releases Blueprint on Energy

Environmental organizations, 145 businesses and other groups (representing 37 states) of the Sustainable Energy Network, advocates promoting aggressive deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, released the Sustainable Energy Blueprint, a policy paper that outlines a “plausible strategy for achieving a no-nuclear, low-carbon, highly efficient and sustainable energy future.”

By 2050, the Sustainable Energy Blueprint envisions a domestic energy mix in which energy efficiency improvements have reduced energy use from present levels by 40%; renewables would account for at least half of total energy supplies; greenhouse gas emissions would be two-thirds from 2005 levels; fossil fuel imports would have ceased, and nuclear power would no longer be in use. The Blueprint provides a timeframe and series of policy recommendations for rapidly expanding the use of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies to enable the proposed dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases while simultaneously phasing out nuclear power and ending most energy imports. The authors of the Sustainable Energy Blueprint acknowledge that the mix of options presented are illustrative and are not the only combination by which the U.S. would achieve a sustainable energy future. This will be an ongoing effort over the next two years — at least through the 2008 presidential election. A state-by-state listing of the organizations that have signed to date is available. For information about the Sustainable Energy Blueprint, send an e-mail to
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