Sustainable Development International, Inc. Enters License for Wind Turbine and Flywheel Energy Storage Systems

Sustainable Development International, Inc. (SDI) of Nevada has entered into a license agreement for efficient, wind turbine and flywheel energy storage systems with a Canadian company.

SACRAMENTO, California 2002-02-27 [] SDI obtained 50.1 percent of the new joint venture which will be known as Regenerative Power Manufacturing Inc. and will be based in Canada. The new joint venture will manufacture wind turbine and flywheel energy storage systems of 30 kilowatt per hour capacity for sale to commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural clientele in the United States, Canada and internationally. “We are pleased with the proven track record of this product which is already operating in six countries with over three years of field history in a variety of applications,” said Harold Jahn, President and CEO. The units are currently operating in Rwanda, Kenya, Greenland, Chile, Peru and the United Arab Emirates plus on communication and deep-sea ocean drilling platforms. The wind turbines operate in wind speeds of 5 mph or less, storing the generated electricity as kinetic energy in the flywheel system to be converted back into electricity for use when required. Available wind turbine models include 1.7 kW through 30 kW per hour units at variable voltages, AC or DC and single or three phase. The flywheel energy storage system rotates at a speed of less than 2,000 revolutions per minute. The low rotational speed of the flywheel should reduce the cost of the materials for the product. The agreement also stipulates that a Renewable Energy utility will be formed in the coming weeks to own and operate wind farms. The renewable utility will target electrical sales to subdivisions, commercial, and industrial clients at competitive pricing.
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