Survey Cites Australian Green Support

A News poll commissioned by Greenpeace shows that an overwhelming 83 percent of Australians would be willing to pay AUD$3.50 (US$ 2.34) more on their monthly energy bills if it meant that 10 percent of Australia’s electricity would come from new renewable sources by 2010.

Sydney, Australia- June 18, 2003 [] The Federal Government is currently reviewing Australia’s energy future – a process which may have an impact on all Australians for decades to come. Australia’s present Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) legislation will lead to an increase in the market share of renewable energy of less than one percent in 2010. “This clear response is the strongest indication yet that Australians are willing to pay more for clean, renewable energy,” said Greenpeace climate specialist Catherine Fitzpatrick. “Coming so soon after the decidedly underwhelming response to Peter Costello’s tax cuts, the poll gives the Prime Minister a mandate for strong action on climate change and renewable energy.” Greenpeace’s submission shows that a 10 percent renewable energy target is achievable with current technology and would put Australia on a clear path to build a locally based renewable energy industry, allowing us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to safe levels. Analysis by consultancy group MMA also found that a 10 percent target would not damage Australia’s international competitiveness. “Renewable energy is clearly not just about environmental concerns,” Fitzpatrick said. “A 10 percent target would create thousands of jobs and draw billions of dollars in investment to regional Australia. We know it’s possible. We know it’s reliable. And we now know Australians are willing to pay for it. The Panel has no excuses not to recommend a 10 percent target.”
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