Survey: 3 Out of 4 Australians Expect Home Storage to Become ‘New Normal’

A new survey conducted by public advocacy organization Climate Council found that about 75 percent of respondents in Australia expect that household battery storage will be “the new normal” within the next decade.

The survey also found that a little more than half the respondents believe large-scale batteries will be commonplace within the same time frame.

Respondents with rooftop solar also are highly interested in energy storage. The survey said 68 percent are considering installing a home battery.

“Australians love rooftop solar, and most now expect home battery storage to be as commonplace as dishwashers in our homes in a decade,” Amanda McKenzie, chief executive, the Climate Council, said in a statement last week. “Rising energy prices and a lack of a federal energy plan are driving many people to take back control of energy. We’re getting smart to the fact that our energy system is changing.”

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