SunWize Wins Solar Power Contract

SunWize Technologies and Global Solar Energy have reached an exclusive agreement to sell flexible folding photovoltaic (PV) modules to the United States government. The agreement also gives SunWize the non-exclusive right to sell products built from Global Solar’s technology in other domestic markets.

Kingston, New York – April 25, 2003 [] SunWize plans to market and sell Global Solar Energy’s Transportable AC Systems, Portable Power Packs and Solarized Temper Tents. These products use Power Flex Modules made from Global Solar Energy’s thin-film copper, indium, gallium, diselenide (CIGS) material. This technology offers distinct operational advantages over traditional PV material, including the ability to mold to an irregular surface and a foldable design that allows for easy deployment, transport and storage. “Global Solar Energy developed prototypes of transportable power systems and small solar charging systems for the U.S. Department of Defense for use in military field exercises,” said Dick Damron, vice president of business development for the company. “Successful performance in these harsh and unique applications paved the way for distribution to commercial and governmental customers.” Transportable AC System solar arrays supply power for immediate use or for storage in a battery bank and range in power output from 50 W to 2800 W. Portable Power Packs provide the conveniences of small scale power (12 W to 56 watts) in a lightweight, compact charger that packs neatly into backpacks. Solarized Temper Tents can mount within a 10-foot by 8-foot section of a standard tent fly. “Global Solar Energy’s products are ideal for military and humanitarian aid customers or for any remote operation because they are portable, durable and breakage free,” said David Love, Government Sales Manager for SunWize. “They are an excellent complement to our product offering on the GSA schedule.” SunWize has been listed on the federal government’s General Services Administration Schedule since 1996 and is now the largest PV supplier on the schedule, according to the company.
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