SunWize Completes One of the Largest Photovoltaic Water Pumping Projects in the US

For immediate release Contact: David Love, Project Information Tel.: (360)-754-2564 e-mail: Contact: Laurie DuBois, Company Information Tel.: (845)-336-0146 e-mail: SunWize Completes One of the Largest Photovoltaic Water Pumping Projects in the US Kingston, New York, August 27, 2001 – SunWize Technologies designed and supervised the installation of one of the largest photovoltaic water pumping systems in the United States at the Cottonwood Campground for Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. The photovoltaic system replaces a diesel generator that was the sole power source for the water system. The 7.2kW photovoltaic array powers a 5hp, 230-volt, 3 phase standard submersible pump with a total dynamic head of 400 ft. to produce 10,000 gallons of water per day. The 80,000-gallon storage tank serves the campground with an average 2,500 gallons per day use. The solar pump controller runs during daylight hours pumping water into the storage tank – no batteries are needed. The water is gravity fed to the campground. A propane generator is used as backup in the event of a low water situation or for fire fighting needs. An additional 300-watt SunWize® Power Ready System operates two chlorinator pumps for water treatment and provides power for a light in the pumphouse. A telemetry link, driven by a water level sensor in the remote storage tank, automatically starts the pump when the tank is low. Photovoltaic water pumping is a natural and preferred power source in this remote and pristine environment that is also one of the sunniest locations in the United States. SunWize’s system design increases system reliability, lowers long term operational costs, and greatly reduces emissions to help the National Park Service meet their goal of protecting the environment and serving the public. SunWize Technologies, Inc., a solar technology company, specializes in the design and manufacture of integrated solar power systems, and associated project development and product distribution. For more project information, contact David Love, Government Sales Manager, tel: 360-754-2564, email: For company information, contact Laurie DuBois, Marketing Manager, tel: 845-336-0146, email:
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