Sunovia Expands Solar Lighting Market Presence

A partnership between LED fixture manufacturer Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc. and Solar Electric Power Co. (SEPCO) could drastically expand the availability of solar-powered lighting fixtures don’t don’t rely on any wiring. The companies expect to produce thousands of solar-powered LED lighting fixtures under the new agreement. Their first application is for “Cobra Head”-style LED lights that use Sunovia’s Aimed Optics technology, which controls the direction of light onto a roadway, parking lot or other targeted area.

The new LED fixtures use low-voltage DC power generated by solar arrays and batteries from SEPCO. The technologies are combined because the sun shines during the day, but light is needed at night. So the solar panels collect and funnel electricity into batteries. Then at night when the light is needed, the systems slowly pull electricity from the batteries to produce ultra-efficient LED light. LED lights are ideal for solar-powered applications as LEDs produce light using far less input energy than metal halide or high-pressure sodium sources.

Sunovia said that LEDs are by nature are directional but because LEDs used in Sunovia’s EvoLucia-brand cobra heads are strategically aimed to precisely focus light for specified locations, they achieve higher light utilization (greater light output), providing higher target efficiencies than even other types of LED fixtures.

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