Sunnova Works to Restore Solar Systems, Build Up Resilient Grid in Puerto Rico

Houston-based Sunnova Energy Corp. yesterday said that it is working to send energy storage systems to Puerto Rico as part of an effort to solve the immediate needs of Puerto Rican solar customers and to create a more resilient, long-term power service for the island’s energy infrastructure.

Sunnova CEO John Berger said in a statement that the company is working with Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s team and the Trump administration to assist in Puerto Rico’s recovery from damage caused by Hurricane Maria.  

“Prior to the storm, Sunnova had just under 10,000 systems installed,” Berger said. “Right now, we are working to get those systems back on line and to provide our customers with battery storage to provide critical electricity services while the work to restore and rebuild the grid commences.”

He added that solar and batteries will be a necessity for short-term needs and long-term energy planning.

“The grid in Puerto Rico needs to be rebuilt to become more resilient, and that includes one with distributed solar and batteries,” he said.

Lead image: Puerto Rico National Guard | Sgt. Jose Ahiram Diaz-Ramos

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