Study to Accelerate Energy Delivery to Rural Areas

Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NCI) and Soluz, Inc. released Innovation in Rural Energy Delivery, a multi-client study on accelerating rural energy access in rural areas of developing countries through the private sector using distributed energy.

The study delves into the use of entrepreneurial small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in providing service through distributed clean energy (DCE) technologies, primarily small renewable energy systems. The Navigant Consulting/Soluz study team included renewable energy experts and developers of leading rural energy delivery operations and innovative business models as part of their research group. “With the right technologies and conditions, innovative enterprises have proven very capable of addressing the energy needs of rural households and businesses,” said John Rogers, Vice President of Soluz, Inc. and the study’s lead author. “This kind of serious analysis of leading experiences from the past decade — what has worked and what hasn’t — is crucial for devising energy-access strategies for rural areas that have long been without modern energy services,” added Lisa Frantzis, NCI’s Director for Renewable and Distributed Energy and a contributing author to the study. The study was supported by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, the Solar Circle, Flow Fund, Co-op America, the Oak Foundation, Winrock International, the United Nations Foundation, and others.


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