Stingray Ocean Energy Device Put on Hold

[] Unless someone steps up with the cash, it looks like it’s the end of the line for the Stingray ocean energy device developed by the UK-based EB engineering firm. Following the full decommissioning of the Shetland test site and completion of a post trial seabed survey, the Stingray demonstrator has been returned to North East England. The next planned phase of the development program is to install and operate a 5 MW pre commercial power station. However, EB alone said they cannot fund such a project and after a thorough review has put a hold on future development of Stingray until there are clear indications that the level of investment is likely to yield a satisfactory return for EB and any partners. “This has been a difficult decision but without a clear route to profitability in the next stage of the program, EB cannot sustain continued development of Stingray at this time,” said EB’s Tony Trapp.

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