Statewide Ballot Initiative Aims for RPS

Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Lola Spradley (R-Beulah) and U.S. Representative Mark Udall (D-Colo.) have started a statewide campaign to garner support for the ballot initiative to require that 10 percent of Colorado’s electricity is generated by renewable sources by 2015. It was officially accepted onto the November ballot as “Amendment 37.”

Denver, Colorado – August 31, 2004 [] “Reducing our nation and our state’s reliance on foreign energy is an issue that should cross all party lines,” Spradley said in a statement. “All Coloradans yearn for a cheaper, cleaner, more secure energy future,” Udall said in the statement. “We believe this is a very modest step, and one that is critical to our energy security.” “Voting ‘Yes’ on 37 is the equivalent of taking 600,000 cars off the road,” Udall continued. “I don’t think you have to suffer from asthma or lung cancer to appreciate that change – we’ll all appreciate it. Watching rates rise yet again is a call to action for the people of Colorado. Although today we know with certainty that wind power is cheaper than coal- or gas-generated electricity, as consumers we must insist on it.” The Secretary of State of Colorado, after review of the submitted petition sections, declared that a sufficient number of valid signatures had been submitted to certify the petition to the ballot. The required signatures were 67,829 and the Secretary of State said that the number of projected valid signatures from random sample is 80,835. Spradley has championed a renewable portfolio standard as a legislative measure for the past two years. During the most recent session of the state legislature, it failed in the Senate by one vote after passing in the House, prompting renewable energy advocates to turn to the initiative process. Information courtesy of the American Wind Energy Association
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