State Creates Coalition for Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Technology

[] Massachusetts’ businesses and universities have done their best to stay at the forefront of technology, and fuel cell development is on the top of the list of technology right now. The Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition made its formal debut at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and is dedicated to promoting and expanding the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in the state. The coalition is a combination of companies, universities and research labs that are focused on generating, storing and using hydrogen. Members’ activities include: economic hydrogen generation from solar, electrolysis, biomass, methanol, coal and natural gas; compact hydrogen storage using magnesium and carbon nanotubes; micro-fuel cell development using MEMs technology; portable power for military and consumer electronic applications; fuel cells for transportation including cars, trucks and scooters; fuel cell standby power for remote and grid connected power; and materials and components manufacture.
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