SSE, Partners Open New Renewable Energy Exhibit in Glasgow

Energy producer SSE has partnered with other green power innovators to create the “Power of Now” exhibition at the Scottish Hydro Centre for Renewable Excellence in Glasgow.

The exhibit is meant to “celebrate renewable energy” and demonstrate Scotland’s “potential in renewable energy through production, design, engineering and manufacturing,” according to a release.

SSE says the exhibit will not only showcase hydroelectricity and wave and tidal technologies, but also wind, micro renewables and “smart” technology.

A display designed by Glasgow Science Centre spotlights the history of hydropower production and gives visitors an opportunity to create power of their own with a turbine-generator unit

A model of Aquamarine Power’s Oyster wave power technology is also on display.

Other highlights include a wind power display, six vehicle charging stations, an all-electric demonstration vehicle, and electric scooters and bicycles.

“This new interactive renewable energy public exhibition will be a great educational tool for our city, especially our children,” councilor Gordon Methson says. “I am also sure the all-electric facility will help in our fight to reduce our city’s carbon emissions and I’m delighted to see such a great resource now situated in the heart of Glasgow.”

Recently, SSE applied for approval for a 600-MW pumped storage facility and announced a partnership with Alstom to develop a new 200-MW ocean power project in Scotland.

The “Power of Now” is also co-sponsored by Mitsubishi Power Systems, Siemens, Subsea7, Aquamarine Power, Europcar, Dimplex, Glasgow Science Centre, Peugeot and IBM.

Image: Gemenacom via Shutterstock

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