SPV 2005: Solar Photovoltaic Report

The second edition of the Solar Photovoltaic Report 2005 charts the changes in the industry in this last dramatic year.

— Solar photovoltaics and wind power are the fastest growing new forms of renewable energy for power generation. — The report charts the past utilisation factor of manufacturing capacity and estimates future patterns, predicting future capacity requirements to 2010. — 24 solar PV manufacturers companies which have announced production capacity expansion plans over the next three years are identified. — Installed capacity and production volumes are projected to 2010. — Future production capacity requirements are estimated to 2010. — Country and market profiles of the largest solar companies are provided, together with information about the smaller players. The leading companies have announced ambitious expansion plans and new players are entering the market. The global emphasis of the industry is changing. Cell and module production continues to grow at over 30% a year and capacity will triple in the next three years. In a market developing as rapidly as photovoltaics, the balance of demand and production capacity is a pendulum, swinging from surplus to shortage. The manufacturing industry has passed through three phases and is now reaching global consolidation. In common with many other new technologies, the industry started with many small companies. Three countries have now emerged as leaders, as Germany consolidates its role with some major development plans announced in 2004. SPV 2005 outlines the technology and the industry, with the applications of solar photovoltaics. Market sizes and future projections are provided, together with a break down of grid-connected and non-grid use, distributed generation, details of markets and production. Production is analysed by country and technology (single and poly cell silicon crystal, thin film and concentrators, with sub-categories). With the high cost of electricity generated by solar PV, the market is dependent on government support until prices come down to mainstream electricity generation costs. The report outlines the measures adopted to support the industry. Price analysis is included, with details of historical development for the last ten years where available, together with installed costs for grid-connected and non-grid applications. The solar PV experience curve is shown with an explanation of its derivation and use in predicting the price development of new technologies. Price of SPV 2005, Solar Photovoltaic Report Ed 2 2005 – GBP700 Price for Excel database of 1,000 Solar PV manufacturers – GBP350 For US $ and euro prices please refer to www.absenergyresearch.com


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