Solis Energy Announces Line of Low-Wattage Solar Products

Solis Energy yesterday announced its suite of solar products for low-wattage devices, such as security/surveillance cameras, WiFi hotspots, WiMax radios, lights and traffic control sensors.

The use of low-wattage electronic devices and applications (typically 100 watts or less) is exploding as the demand increases for ubiquitous wireless access and as security requirements are heightened globally. With the resulting rapid expansion of WiFi technology and the growing deployment of security technologies and devices, businesses, utilities and government entities now demand easy, cost-effective ways to reach and guarantee 100 percent power to run these vital applications. Solis Energy is targeting these growing markets with its new line of products.

Solis Energy designs and manufactures turnkey, stand-alone Solar Generators with Smart Enclosures, Outdoor Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Streetlight Power Tap Adapters, and soon, devices for multiple DC power or Power over Ethernet (POE) requirements, and Remote Power Monitoring (RPM).

“Our products provide continuous, reliable outdoor power generation, connectivity and emergency/secondary power back-up, anywhere it’s needed — including remote locations that don’t have power. Whether on-grid or off-grid, our products are easy to install, requiring no special expertise, and they give our customers the ability to take control of their outdoor power,” said Solis Energy’s Founder and CEO Robert Reynolds.

Solar Power Plant SPP Series
The Solar Power Plant SPP Series is a platform of solar generators with Smart Enclosures that provide a renewable energy source for powering applications and devices where conventional power doesn’t exist or isn’t viable to install. It is ideally suited for low-wattage requirements and can be easily mounted to a pedestal, side of pole or wall location.

Outdoor UPS Series

Solis Energy’s AC>DC Outdoor UPS Series is ideal as a secondary power source for routine applications or as battery back-up power for short-term emergency needs to maintain vital applications like wireless communications and video surveillance security systems.

Streetlight Power Tap Adapters
Solis Energy’s Streetlight Power Tap Adaptor provides easy access to 120 vAC power from outdoor lights for running devices and applications like security/surveillance cameras, WiFi hotspots, WiMax radios, traffic monitoring or Solis Energy’s AC>DC Outdoor UPS systems.

Squid and Octopus

Available later this year, the Squid and Octopus are DC to DC converters that deliver field configurable 12-, 24- or 48-volt output over two or more independent circuits, perfect for multiple DC power or POE requirements.

Remote Power Monitor (RPM)
Available later this year, the Remote Power Monitor (RPM) provides highly scalable real-time visibility to remote power plants.
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