SolarWorld Group Concludes New Wafer Contracts for Euro 1.5 B

SolarWorld AG, a Deutsche Solar AG subsidiary, entered into new long-term agreements with a number of globally operating cell and module manufacturers for the supply with solar silicon wafers from the Freiberg production.

The order volume of these new contracts runs up to a total of Euro 1.5 billion [US$2 billion] for the SolarWorld Group. The time span of the orders covers the period until 2018. 51 percent of the orders originate from Europe. Asia follows with a rate 37 percent. China and Taiwan alone account for 16 percent of all new supply contracts. 12 percent of the wafers ordered will be shipped to North America.

The entire order backlog of Deutsche Solar AG for external customers from existing orders and new contracts amounts to Euro 4 billion [US$5.4 billion]. These new delivery contracts will additionally support the expansion of wafer production and employment in Freiberg.

After equipping 99 villages in China with off-grid solar technology, the SolarWorld Group has additionally agreed to the electrification of 44 villages in the West Chinese province of Qinghai located far away from the national grid by supplying and installing another 4,800 solar modules with an output of 80 Watts each.

“The supply of electricity is one of the most important tasks for the economic development of rural regions especially in developing and threshold countries,” said Frank H. Asbeck, SolarWorld Chairman and CEO. “The use of solar energy is eminently suitable for this purpose not only under climate protection but also under economic aspects.”


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