Solar-Plus-Batteries to Power Hawaiian Brewery

EnSync Energy Systems last week announced that it had signed a 20-year PPA with Kona Brewing Company to build a solar-plus-battery storage system at the company’s new brewery, under construction in Kailua Kona.

The installation will consist of a 336-kW roof-mounted PV system and a 122-kWh battery system, the DER SuperModule, to capture and store excess solar generation.

The storage module contains an energy management system that interacts with the main grid to find and deliver the lowest-cost electricity available at the time it is needed.

Kona Brewing said the system will supply about a quarter of its energy needs.

 Ted Peck, president of Holu Energy said that “integrating energy storage with PV will help the brewery reduce expensive peak demand charges, add resiliency and provide grid services, which benefits both the local utility and Kona Brewing.”

Energy storage will also enable Kona Brewing to participate in utility Hawaiian Electric’s demand response programs, which incentivize energy efficiency and stabilize the grid.

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