Solar Thin-film Nano PV for Remote Device Charging

July 29, 2004 [] International Nanotechnology Corporation (INC) said they have made forward progress toward developing a solar-powered solution for powering cellphones and laptop computers. INC previously announced that it had signed a letter of intent with Terra Solar Development Corp., a developer of photovoltaic (PV )and nanocell technology to acquire substantially all of its nanotechnology assets and certain PV assets as well. The solar-powered laptop and cellphone chargers will be the first products resulting from the planned combination. Laptop and cellphone users everywhere need a cost-effective way to continually power or recharge their units without plugging them in. The INC products are believed to be the first to use PV Nanofilms, which combine thin PV films and nanotechnology. INC says the efficiencies with the nanofilms are such that they will still charge indoors in most lighting situations. INC said other products using crystalline or polycrystalline silicon PV cells don’t perform as well for these remote charging applications.
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