Solar Tents in Mongolia

In the US there is the Million Solar Roofs project and now in Mongolia, there is the “Hundred Thousand Solar Gers” project. A ger is a felt-covered tent used as a home for nomadic herders.

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia 2002-03-15 [] The Mongolian government is seeking to speed up solar power projects for the herders in remote areas. Government officials have met with directors of the companies manufacturing solar and wind equipment for the country in an attempt to continue supplying guaranteed energy sources to the herders and a wireless communication system. Last year 738 solar energy batteries were installed in 43 remote areas in Ovorhangay, Bayanhongor, Dundgov, Suhbaatar, Gov’-Altay, Hovsgol and Arhangay aymags. However, government officials said the implementation of the project was slow and failed to give desired results, therefore, they have invited the business community to discuss the ways and means for handling the problem. In 2002, the government is focused on taking effective measures to use productively the financial means the are providing to establish special working funds and to make arrangements for granting soft loans to herders to help them acquire solar batteries. Talks are being held with the management of some commercial banks like Khaan Bank, Zoos Bank, Khas Bank. The business representatives have agreed with the proposal of the minister for cooperation and set up a coordinating committee with representatives from the ministry and relevant companies. The participants in the meeting agreed to open a permanent trade-cum- exhibition of the solar and wind energy equipment and household appliances operating on solar batteries.
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