Solar PV to Power Residential High-Rise Building

A building-integrated photovoltaic power system will be installed on a residential high-rise building in New York City’s Battery Park.

NEWARK, Delaware, US, 2001-06-04 [] A building-integrated photovoltaic power system will be installed on a residential high-rise building in New York City’s Battery Park. AstroPower, Inc has been selected to provide the 30 kilowatt PV system using its solar cells and modules. The system will generate up to 5 percent of the building’s electricity and will incorporate the company’s custom-made Building-Integrated Photovoltaic modules. A 10 kW facade on the 27-story, 280-unit building will generate renewable on-site electricity for its residents. When integrated into the facade, the BIPV modules will serve as a core component of the luxury building. “BIPV is a value-added opportunity,” explains Jorn Jurgens of AstroPower. “In addition to generating electricity, the BIPV modules actually replace conventional building materials. In this case, the modules will become the facade of the building.” The high-rise will also feature a roof-mounted 20 kW array and a custom functional canopy of translucent glass-on-glass modules at the building’s entrance. Located along the Hudson River, the sustainable building project meets the residential environmental guidelines defined in the Hugh Carey Battery Park City Authority. “Among these guidelines is a requirement to provide on-site, non-polluting, renewable energy technologies to reduce the environmental impacts associated with energy generation and consumption,” says Timothy Carey, president and CEO at the Battery Park City Authority. The goal of the program is to ultimately generate 100 percent of the electricity on site. The project will be completed in the fall of 2002, and received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority. The building’s owner, Albanese Development, is eligible to apply for tax credits under the New York State Building Tax Credit program. “As the nation’s first environmentally sustainable residential high-rise, the building serves as a benchmark for developers, builders, and entire communities,” says AstroPower president and CEO Allen Barnett. “By integrating our solar cells and modules into a customized, building-integrated facade in our nation’s largest city, we further the growth of the solar electric power industry as a whole. BIPV is an important opportunity for building owners.” The groundbreaking ceremony for the high-rise building was made on Friday. AstroPower is based in Newark, Delaware, and claims to be the world’s largest independent manufacturer of solar PV products. It develops and markets solar cells, modules, panels and systems for both off-grid and on-grid applications.
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