Solar Powered Beach Tote from Reware

Any beach goer knows that battery life isn’t forever. But now, with the new Juice Bag Beach Tote, keeping cameras, cell phones and iPods charged is as easy as getting a tan. Reware, the makers of the Juice Bags line of solar powered bags, is releasing a solar powered beach tote with the ability to charge hand-held electronic devices anywhere in the world. The USA-made bag is designed to appeal to eco-conscious vacationers by way of its natural canvas and clean solar energy. The Juice Bags Tote uses American technology and craftsmanship, integrating a flexible thin-film solar panel into a bag made from heavy duty, natural canvas. The bag uses the company’s SolarSistem, which allows the solar panel to be easily removed for use separately from the bag, or for cleaning of the bag.

The Juice Bag Beach Bags retail for $249.99 and are part of a catalog of Reware products available at select retailers and on the company’s website linked below.


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