Solar Power System for Grid Failure Protection

Cambridge, Massachsetts-based SatCon Technology Corporation (a developer and manufacturer of electronic power control systems for military and industrial applications) and ZBB Energy Corporation (a developer of advanced battery storage technologies) have delivered two 50-kWh Z-BESS systems for installation on the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center, in New York City.

New York, New York – November 12, 2003 [] The program, which is partially funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, is intended to promote clean, reliable power generation. SatCon’s Power Conditioning System (PCS) will work as part of this solar energy system to generate and store electricity in coordination with the utility grid. The system will offset peak power requirements during the week and use solar power to recharge during the weekend when consumption and power costs are much lower. The PCS units are integrated with the battery module to create a turnkey system that combines new technology with the grid to prevent power failure when the grid goes off line. “The successful combination of ZBB’s Energy Storage System and SatCon’s power conditioning system into the one integrated product has for the first time delivered a turn-key storage system that is suitable for a wide range of applications, and in particular, renewable energy installations such as the solar system on the Greenpoint building in Brooklyn, New York,” said ZBB Energy Corporation CEO Robert Parry. “The market for integrated energy storage systems is truly global; and this particular product represents the way of the future for optimizing renewable generating resources.” The PCS has been specifically designed to provide high performance power conversion for distributed power, alternative energy generators, including fuel cells and photovoltaic arrays. The PCS can also be configured to combine alternative energy generators with advanced energy storage devices, including advanced batteries and flywheels, to provide uninterruptible power. The PCS is the heart of these innovative distributed power systems and enables new energy applications to be applied to high value critical power applications. “Our next-generation alternative energy technology continues to be validated both in the military and commercial sectors,” said SatCon President and CEO David Eisenhaure. “Our PCS technology as applied in alternative energy systems provide important benefits to manufacturers and municipalities by freeing-up critical resources, reducing the cost of energy, and reducing dependence on hydro-carbon fuels. We are witnessing a wider acceptance of solar energy technologies in both the commercial and government sectors. We expect to see growing demand for our PCS technology in the coming months.”
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