Solar Power Pump at California Food Processor

November 3, 2003 [] The world’s largest solar pump was introduced at a ceremony at the Lehr Brothers’ Big L Packing facility near Bakersfield, California. The unit, which operates a 350 hp “Hydracooler” for processing potatoes, is part of a grid-tied solar system designed and installed by WorldWater Corporation to reduce energy costs and provide alternative power in the event of a grid power outage or power reduction. The event, hosted by WorldWater and the Kern Country Farm Bureau, showcased WorldWater’s AquaMax hybrid solar pumping system, which works in automatic combination with the electric grid to power the compressor from either the solar array or the electrical grid, or from both sources if necessary. The 120-kW system features two solar arrays totaling over 10,000 square feet, which also provide a shaded parking structure for farm equipment.
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