Solar Power Inverter Technology Gains Patent

Sustainable Energy has been issued a patent by United States Patent and Trademark Office for the company’s new pulsed step power inverter technology.

Calgary, Alberta – October 24, 2003 [] This patent expands existing patents issued to Sustainable Energy in March of 2001, further protecting the intellectual property that is central to the company’s integrated energy management and power conditioning systems. Power inverters are the common denominator for all renewable energy systems (such as solar, wind, fuel cell and advanced battery storage technologies), converting the variable voltage direct current (DC) output into the high quality useable alternating current (AC) power required by the power grid. Sustainable Energy said their patented inverter technology is the first to directly link the renewable energy source to the power grid in a single power conversion step, reducing complexity and cost, while increasing overall system efficiencies and reliability. “Our pulsed step technology is a departure from conventional approaches to power conversion and results in a much simpler, less complex design than competitive products currently in the market,” explained Brent Harris, Director of Technology Development. “Key to the successful application of the pulsed step technology is a focus on configurable software control that controls the output waveform in real time, enabling the inverter to implement the control algorithm most appropriate to each renewable energy resource.” “We believe that our technology is the platform for renewable energy inverter products that the industry is asking for, offering lower cost, greater reliability and higher electrical conversion efficiencies,” said Harris. “The new patent as well as other patents pending with the Patent Office will extend our technology leadership in this fast growing industry.” According to Frost and Sullivan, a leading industrial research group, the market for power inverters will be the fastest growing segment of the electrical industry over the next 5 years, bled by the market for renewable energy inverters, where they estimate an annual growth rate of 22 percent over the next five years to approximately US$1 billion annually.


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