Solar Power, Batteries & Fuel Cells Speed Communications

The Stratellite airship program belonging to Sanswire Networks, a subsidiary of GlobeTel Communications, will gain a solar-electric propulsion system from a recent agreement with the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wuerttemberg (ZSW) to provide R&D engineering support.

“ZSW is the result of an extremely progressive and well-funded effort by the German government to enable widespread use of renewable energy technologies,” said Bob Jones, President of Sanswire. “Their extensive research and development capability in the areas of solar, advanced batteries, and fuel cells are at the forefront of this technology and this agreement will greatly enhance our program.” “ZSW, with its long-ranging experience in thin-film solar cell and energy-storage technology, is very pleased to cooperate with Sanswire in the development of the energy system for high-altitude airships,” said Dirk Herrmann from the Photovoltaic Materials Research Division of the ZSW. The Stratellite is stationed in the stratosphere at an altitude of 10 to 13 miles above the Earth. Offering clear line-of-sight communications capability to metropolitan and rural areas alike, linked Stratellites could cover hundreds of thousands of square miles using readily available wireless devices.
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