Solar Panels to be Installed on New Manhattan Buildings

Two apartment buildings to be built in a Manhattan neighbourhood will include solar electric panels to generate at least 5 percent of their energy load.

NEW YORK, New York, US, 2001-03-30 <> Two apartment buildings in an Manhattan neighbourhood will include solar electric panels to generate at least 5 percent of their energy load. The new buildings in Battery Park City, overlooking Tear Drop Park at the southwestern tip of Manhattan, will be built in accordance with Green Guidelines issued by the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA). They will join the first ‘green’ high-rise apartment building in the United States that will be constructed by Albanese on a nearby site. The buildings will combine environmentally advanced engineering techniques with excellence in design to create green residential buildings. The units will feature solar photovoltaic panels to generate at least 5 percent of base building electric load, and they will allocate space for the future use of fuel cells. Other features include on site storage, filtering and recycling of waste water to supply flush water for toilets, the collection of storm water from the roof in storage tanks, plumbing fixtures that use 10 percent less water than required by the Energy Policy Act, a separate 5,000 gallon storage tank for storm water that can irrigate shrubs in Tear Drop Park., energy strategies that are 35 percent more efficient than current state codes, dimmable and motion-detector controlled lighting, low-E glazing, high efficiency insulation, 30 percent more natural light, energy-efficient appliances, recycling of a minimum 60 percent of construction waste material, high use of construction materials with recycled content, and efficient HVAC systems with high amounts of filtered outdoor air, with 85 percent of particulates removed. The two buildings will be 230 feet in height and can be expanded to 260,000 square feet and 330,000 square feet of space, respectively. The Albanese building will have 260 units and will cost $95 million to construct. The related buildings will have 330 units and cost $113 million. Both developers are eligible to apply for tax credits under the state’s green building tax credit program. “I am delighted that the BPCA is moving forward with two new green residential apartment buildings that set the pace for environmentally-responsible construction in our state and nation,” says Governor George Pataki. “Our Green Buildings program is not only smart policy, it sends an important message: a healthy economy and a healthy environment go hand in hand.” The request for proposals for the two green high-rise apartment buildings was issued last October by the Battery Park City Authority. “The release of these two new RFP’s indicates that our green building program, which is the first of its kind, is moving ahead with commendable speed,” said BPCA chairman James Gill at the time. “The current oil crisis makes it more important than ever that we use environmentally-advanced technology to conserve energy.” BPCA was created by the New York State Legislature in 1968 to develop a 92-acre landfill at the southwestern tip of Manhattan. Parcels of land are leased to private developers, who must build in accordance with BPCA guidelines. It is adjacent to the World Trade Center and the Wall Street financial district, and is the place of business for 40,000 workers and, when the residential developments are complete, 15,000 people will live in Battery Park City.

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