Solar Future is Now According to UK Company

Solar Century, a designer, creater and installer of intelligent solar electric solutions including solar bus shelter lighting, thinks the market for solar powered “street furniture” has tremendous potential.

London, England – November 27, 2002 [] The company said the opportunities that PV and associated technologies present are almost unlimited. This is just the beginning of an exciting new era in energy production. In just a few years Solar Century expects to see the applications of solar power expand to: traffic signage illumination, telephone boxes, telecom repeater stations, public car park and security lighting, advertising displays and amenity lighting. Solar Century is developing solutions in this sector and has already completed a number of pilot projects. By providing power to light bus stop time tables and comfort lights in bus shelters, solar power is impacting on all aspects of the local environment. This new technology presents benefits to not only commuters, but the supplying local authority and the wider community as a whole. The number of people using public transport is falling. A major contributing factor to this is the growing concern over personal safety. Illegible timetable information and the ever increasing attacks on commuters while waiting for buses sends out strong signals that bus travel is for daylight hours only. Solar PV can provide plenty of power to light bus stops and shelters through out the night – light is proven to be more effective at reducing street crime than closed circuit television – adding a level of increased security and comfort to bus travelers. Solar Century is working on the cutting edge of technology – not only in terms of PV applications but modern battery management as well as the most energy efficient lighting technology using high-lux output white light LEDs, which may become the mainstream lighting source in the years to come. “It is totally feasible, that in a few years, whilst waiting in the dark evenings, for your fuel cell powered bus home, you will feel safe in a well-lit environment, whilst the real time passenger information display tells you that there is only five minutes until the bus arrives,” said James Hoare of Solar Century. “Just enough time to check your e-mail and read the news headlines on the bus stop information board. A dream perhaps, but all the enabling technologies are there, and forward thinking local authorities and companies are working hard to stretch existing technology to make this a reality.”
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