Solar Fuels Technology

Solar Fuels Technology

Global energy consumption, energy prices, water scarcity and even climate change are just a few of several reasons to look at options that solar energy provides. Although the costs of energy produced trough photovoltaic is rapidly dropping it is not a solution for our transportation needs and does not address the practical problems of energy storage and transportation.

Mainstream movement is suggesting hydrogen and batteries as solution but at Antecy we believe that solar fuels have much bigger potential. Solar fuels offer a clean and elegant solution for efficient conversion of solar energy. And not only are solar fuels clean but they are also more practical in terms of transportation and storage and most important safety.

As solar energy is free and abundant there are other limiting factors, with CO2 capture as one of the most important to us. After some research at University of Twente we are confident we have found a suitable solution for this bottleneck. At the moment we are planning a pilot plant where the principles, technology but also economics will be put up for a test and where CO2 “conversion” plays most important part.

The ideal solution would be one where solar energy converts CO2 and H20 directly to fuels. The energy of the photons is used to convert CO2 and H2O in a fuel and potable water. This technology would then offer a cheap solution for generating electricity off grid, fuel that fits into existing infrastructure with clean water as an important by-product.

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