Solar-Fabrik AG Expands Wafer Processing and Preparation

Solar-Fabrik AG acquired 80% of the shares of OJAS Energy Ltd., which has a manufacturing facility in India through a 100%-owned subsidiary, and is an approved specialist in the area of wafer processing and wafer preparation.

As a result, Solar-Fabrik, which is based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, closed the link in its value chain beginning with wafer purchasing, wafer processing, cell manufacturing to module manufacturing. The wafers, which are purchased by another Solar-Fabrik subsidiary from the IT industry, must be chemically and mechanically processed before they can be used in the solar cell manufacturing process. Due to its 100%-owned subsidiary, OJAS can ensure the proper wafer processing. OJAS is a specialist in the processing and cutting of wafers, and also in the area of wafer cleaning, which is of particular interest to the supply market. In the future, the processed wafers will either be manufactured within the Solar-Fabrik Group to solar cells by Solar Energy Power Pte. Ltd. or directly sold to third parties by Solar-Fabrik AG. The purchase price for 80% of the shares of OJAS is approximately 3 million Euro [US$3.8 million]. The remaining 20% of the shares will remain with the current shareholder, who will maintain his position as a managing director of the company.
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