Solar EV Charging Gets Lift with New Partnership

Germany-based solar and storage provider IBC SOLAR AG said it will begin making EV charging systems that pair with PV and energy storage available to customers.

IBC said that electric vehicle charging provider EVBox will deliver charging stations to IBC for public and private use.

“EVs will only produce less emissions if they are being powered by clean energy, such as solar-generated power,” Udo Mohrstedt, founder and CEO of IBC Solar, said in a statement. “When the eMobility market takes off in 2018, photovoltaics, EVs, and charging infrastructure will have to be part of the same discussion.”

IBC said that EVBox’s charging stations can be combined with PV in “a smart and simple way.” Customers will be able to configure charging times via mobile app to maximize use of solar power available in the grid. IBC noted that, at a starting cost of 10 cents per kWh in Germany, a passenger car powered with solar will only cost around 2 euros for a 100-kilometer drive.

Lead image credit: IBC SOLAR

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